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Currency Exchange Currency Exchange

Currency ExchangeThere are a variety of ways to buy foreign currency and a number of reasons why you need to buy. Whether you need travel money, are purchasing an overseas property or just transferring money abroad, find the best foreign currency exchange options here on Which Way To Pay Australia. Travellers Cheques and Travel Cash are available to buy online: find out which suits you best in regards to commission, delivery options and other features. If you need to transfer larger amounts for international payments, look at the selection of specialist Foreign Exchange Brokers.

Investments Trading Investments Trading

Trading InvestmentsThere is a wide range of trading and investment tools now available to the Australian consumer. Forex Trading allows you to buy and sell currencies while CFD Trading (Contracts for Difference) involves speculating on the performance of an individual share or market the investor forms a contract with the broker, promising to pay the difference in share price at the open and close of the contract. Financial Spread Betting allows you to bet on the performance of an underlying product (such as a share price). You may also look into Future Trading options online.

Loans Loans Products

Loans ProductsDepending on what type of loan you need, you are likely to find it on Which Way To Pay Australia. If you need a fast, short term cash loan then you should browse Payday Loans. You can receive your money within 24 hours and the application process is quickly completed online. If you are worried about your debt situation, why not look into Debt Consolidation Loans? They are designed to help you pay off your multiple debts using one easy, low interest monthly payment. Personal Loans and Secured (or Homeowner) Loans are also compared here. For low credit borrowers, there are also flexible Bad Credit Loans check the many types and features in our comparison area.

Cards Cards Products

Cards ProductsNo matter what your personal situation or needs, you are likely to find a payment card that suits you here. Even Credit Cards have a range of features and types to suit different incomes and needs. You can compare Reward Credit Cards, Business Credit Cards and even Student Credit Cars with Which Way To Pay. Take a moment to look at what is on offer you might find a much better deal than you currently have! For those who aren't keen on taking credit, there are Prepaid Cards. This is a relative newcomer to the Australian money market, and provides a cheap way to pay anywhere, without the fear of debt.

Money Money Products

Money ProductsIn our Money area, you can find a range of products from Debt Management services for people who need a good way to steer them out of a debt situation. The sections for Savings Accounts and Transactions Accounts show the latest offers coming from Australia's banks and other financial institutions. Our Mortgages area compares the best home loans on the market today.

Insurance Insurance Products

Insurance ProductsEvery Australian is likely to have one insurance policy or another. If you've got a car, you'll certainly have a policy on it it's a must under Australian law! But there are other insurance types. Get more deals for Car Insurance, but also Health Insurance are you adequately covered or do you need further protection? Home Insurance covers all types of needs from contents insurance to building insurance no matter what you're after, you're likely to find it here! Travel Insurance is really important for many people, as it covers you for everything from lost or stolen luggage, to accidents and illnesses abroad. You can also take out pet insurance and life insurance.

News Charts News and Charts

Starting to worry about the cost of student life . Look no further a Student credit card is your answer.
31 August 2018
Which Way To Pay
Student credit cards. When starting your student life it can be a worry over the financial side of things
When Looking for a Home Loan , Be warned that certain rates are set to rise.
31 August 2018
Which Way To Pay
Recent studies have confirmed that Home Loan rates are set to rise due to the current market changes
Students Feeling the hit of Studying costs has reached its highest
18 April 2017
Which Way To Pay
Many students in Australia are feeling a hit after studying costs rise , student credit cards are the way forward

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