Students Feeling the hit of Studying costs has reached its highest
18 April 2017 - Which Way To Pay

Many students in Australia are feeling a hit after studying costs rise , student credit cards are the way forward

In figures released this week , the rising number of students who are benefiting from student credit cards is at its highest . As most people in Australia use some form of 'plastic' as they call it , the student credit cards have fantastic benefits for those wanting to have a comfortable studying period.

Over one quarter of Australia's students are using a student credit card , this means that they can get low interest , earn rewards and basically manage what they spend . As the cost of living has risen in recent months , some students are finding this the only way they can fund there studying . Not all students family's are able to fund them through which can be a lengthy period.

Student credit cards don't always have to be based on a lending situation , they also do student credit cards which are based on a pre pay basis . These are good when it comes to wanting to be in charge of what is being spent .

Can-star did a recent case study which , showed that a lot of student credit cards , were being used for funding the likes of stationary , exercise books are simply just the money to be able to get to university . The one good thing with Australia is that they cannot provide a student credit card to anyone under the age of 18 years old , or with no kind of income being established at the time of application.

As with every financial product we decide to take out , we must always remember that we must be able to afford it and not spiral ourselves in to huge amounts of debt , reported from a spokes man of Bank of Australia .