Starting to worry about the cost of student life . Look no further a Student credit card is your answer.
31 August 2018 - Which Way To Pay

Student credit cards. When starting your student life it can be a worry over the financial side of things

When its that time again , the start of term and all you can think about is how much the whole student life is going to cost . Well , let say the panic is now over . Most people will have heard about student credit cards , these are the easiest way to support your studying in life .

Student credit cards are available from many different lenders and these are purely here to ease the cost of studying and furthering your education .

Here you will find a brief list of what the student credit cards does and how it helps you as the consumer -

  • Up to 55 Days interest free on purchases made
  • No annual fee for the card
  • Online app so you can see where your limit is up to
  • No way you can go over the credit limit set on the student credit card
  • Low annual income needed of as little as $15,000 per annum to be eligible for the student credit card .
  • Know if you have been approved in less than 60 seconds after application.

So , as you can see the student credit card really is available for the consumers benefit , this is also why a lot of banks across the country help students out with the student credit card.