Bingle Car Insurance (Vehicle Insurance)
Bingle allows you to buy and manage your car insurance policy online. The benefit of no call centres and branches is that Bingle pass these savings on to you. Bingle’s sole focus is delivering you great value comprehensive car insurance.
Location: Australia
1. Any changes to your policy can be done online.
2. Flexibility to choose your car’s value.
3. Lifetime guarantee on repairs.
4. Cover for damage your car might cause – up to $20 million.
5. Towing costs
1. Your Bingle policy does not cover you for emergency costs if your car has broken down.
2. Does not cover your personal items if they are stolen from your car or damaged in an accident.
3. No ratings or no claim bonuses.
1. Fully underwritten by AAMI.
2. Bingle chooses the repairer and arranges the repair.
3. If you make a claim, the excess you pay will be based on the age of the listed driver at the time of the incident

Policy Name: Bingle Low Cost Car Insurance
Policy Cost: Apply to confirm
Policy Excess: Apply to confirm

Cover Type: Comprehensive
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail: With Bingle’s comprehensive car insurance policy your car is covered for any accident damage or if it’s stolen, as well as for up to $20 million dollars worth of damage that you may cause to other people’s property when using your car.

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: AAMI.
Pay Monthly: No

Comprehensive car insurance only.
1. You must pay Bingle the excess before they make any payment or provide you with any policy benefits. The amount payable depends on the circumstances of your claim. 2. Some events, circumstances and situations are not covered. You should read the whole policy carefully.
You must be over 25 with a good driving history
Bingle doesn’t offer multi policy discounts or special ‘online only’ offers.

Vehical Info: ‘Sensible’ car.
Driver Info: Over 25 years old

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