eCar Insurance Standard Annual Policy (Vehicle Insurance)
eCar Insurance is Australia’s first online insurance solution to give you complete control and flexibility of your policy. Instant online access to your policy means you can purchase, amend, and renew your policy online 24/7. eCar Insurance offers you a cheap 12 month car insurance policy, which you can buy, amend and renew online in minutes.
Location: Australia
1. Insure up to 4 drivers & 4 cars
2. 365 day European Driving Cover
3. Protected NCD for life
5. Legal cover included
6. No Claims Discount guaranteed for life
7. Maintain your policy online - log in to change your car details, add a driver or renew your policy at your convenience.
8. Breakdown cover is included as part of your eCar insurance policy.
1. If you opt to pay a monthly premium plan you will be charged an additional fee.
2. The cover under this Policy is only available if the amount claimed is more than the excess/es even when the excess/es would not apply.
3. There are several exclusions to this policy which are outlined on the company website.
4. Charge administration fees for certain transactions
1. Pay your premium in one or ten payments.
2. You are responsible for paying your excess, which is the first amount payable on each and every claim submitted under this policy. If you are involved in an accident with a third party, and where it has been agreed that you are entirely not at fault, your excess will be refunded or waived

Policy Name: Standard Annual Policy
Policy Cost: Apply to confirm
Policy Excess: Apply to confirm

Cover Type: Comp/TPFT/TPO
Cover Level: Standard
Cover Detail:
1. Comprehensive Comprehensive car insurance covers you for damage to your own vehicle, as well as for any damage to other people's property for which you are legally liable resulting from the use of your car. It does not cover personal injury to third parties.
2. Third Party Fire & Theft Covers you for Fire & Theft to your vehicle & protects you against claims for damage that your car causes to another person's vehicle or property only, it does not cover personal injury to third parties.
3. Third Party Only Protects you against claims for damage that your car causes to another person s vehicle or property only, it does not cover personal injury to third parties.

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Calliden Insurance Limited/Lloyds
Pay Monthly: Yes

For 12 months cover.
1. When you make a claim under this Policy eCar Insurance will advise you when and how to pay your excess. You must pay your excess when it is requested it or eCar Insurnace will be unable to pay your claim.
2. eCar Insurance will not pay for mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown or failure; wear and tear, rust, corrosion, deterioration or the effects of the elements.
1. Licensed drivers aged 16 years to 75 years.
1. You will receive a discount if you are doing less than 15,000km a year and you have chosen comprehensive cover. 2. You will receive a discount if you keep your vehicle in a locked private garage overnight

Vehical Info:
Driver Info:

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