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The Credit card market in Australia has now diversified to the extent where there are many different card types to fulfil a variety of needs. Click on the links below if you know what you are looking for; or read our product overview for more information down the page.

Credit Cards

What Credit Card do I Need?

There are many credit cards to choose from. There are a large number of credit cards on the market; and the three key features most buyers look for are: APR, Interest Free Balance Transfer Period, Interest Free Purchase Period.

APR is the Annual Percentage Rate – ie what the general interest rate is over a year. The Interest Free Transfer Period refers to the period for which you will not accrue interest on any balance you transfer over from you old credit card. Finally, the Interest Free Purchase Period means the introductory period through which you will not accrue interest on any new purchases you make.

With modern Credit Cards however, there are other benefits to look for – such as loyalty points or reward systems. There are also a range of business cards including charge cards (no interest on purchases but the full amount must be paid back every month) and a range of small Business Cards that give you discount at specified business retailers.

Credit Cards For those with a Bad Credit Rating

Many people fall into debt at some point in their lives. Late credit payments or defaults on loans can all give us a bad credit rating. This can make it difficult to get loans or credit cards. However, some card providers offer credit cards even if your credit rating is poor. Check our selection of credit cards for people with a poor credit rating here.

Business Credit Cards

If you have a business of any size or are self-employed, you and your employers may want to consider one of the business credit cards listed on this site to pay for business expenses. There are a number of credit cards with features tailored specifically for businesses. Generally you will be able to order number of additional cards for other employees free of charge. Most business credit cards will offer discounts on a variety of business related products such as travel, travel insurance or hotel stays. Check our comparison table for more details on business credit cards.

Are there Credit Cards for Students?

Yes is the simple answer! There are times when students need a bit of credit to pay for everyday needs, books and unexpected expenses. Having no regular income from a full time job means getting a regular credit card can be tricky. Luckily, there are credit cards specially designed for students. Generally, student credit cards will have a low credit limit ($500 at the highest) and an introductory 'no annual fee' offer for the first year.

Reward Credit Cards

Want to spend with benefits? Now you can with reward credit cards! Reward credit cards are simply regular credit cards but with great extras – you don't have to change anything about the way you spend money on your card, yet you can start collecting points on special programs, benefit from rewards including air miles or other travel programs, exclusive offers and more.

There are many reward credit cards on the Australian market today so enjoy a bit of window-shopping before you make an application – you can compare great offers on Which Way To Pay! Find the reward card that suits your needs, whether you are a regular traveller or after a good cashback deal.

Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards provide all sizes of businesses with an excellent way to manage budgets and all expenses related to the company. Even if you are a small start-up you can find that separating your business finances is crucial in order to maintain your company effectively and businesses credit cards can help you do this.

Larger firms rely heavily on business credit cards to manage expenses – employees past a certain level receive business credit cards to use for any business-related matters (within guidelines or rules set by the employer). There are now plenty of small business and corporate credit cards available on the Australian market – compare the best offers today and get your company on the right track.

Student Credit Cards

Most students enter a tough period as far as money is concerned when university or college life takes over. Depending on the demands of your course – full time or part time – you may find it difficult to put time aside for a job, meaning income might be reduced to a loan or support from parents and relatives. But what about when you have finished your studies? Most people leave college with a large debt and a less-than-perfect credit score – yet student credit cards can help you begin your financial path on a better footing.

Student credit cards are great for building up a credit history, so long as you are able to manage the card well. Maintain your account and pay off the minimum regularly, and use the card sparingly for purchases. If you run into difficulties you could end up damaging your credit score, so be careful and compare student credit cards wisely!

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards – sometimes known as prepaid credit cards – are relatively new in Australia but are becoming increasingly popular as a great alternative to standard credit cards. Prepaid Cards offer a secure and convenient way to make payments, transfer money and share money. You can even receive wages with some prepaid cards and shop online. Not only do Prepaid Cards prevent you from falling into a debt hole, but for people who find it hard to get a full credit card prepaid cards are a great alternative. Prepaid cards are available to all people regardless of their credit rating.

Prepaid cards can be used just like credit or keycards, except that they do not carry a borrowing facility. You just 'load up' prepaid cards with funds and away you go – use them anywhere, anytime. You can load up your card in a variety of ways (take a look at our Prepaid Calculator table to view top-up methods). Prepaid cards are usually issued by one of the main credit card issuers (like Visaฎ) and therefore enjoy worldwide acceptance.


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