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What is a Consolidation Loan?

If you are looking for a way to pay off your existing multiple debts, a consolidation loan can be a great way to do it. A consolidation loan combines and gathers all of your debts into one place, and with one lower monthly payment.

The length of time you are required to spend paying back the debts could therefore extend. Consolidation loans allow you to simplify your debt problem and make it easier to deal with but don't forget you still owe the same overall amount!

Where can I get a Consolidation Loan?

Consolidation loans are offered by specialist companies. Look around the comparison page on Which Way To Pay Australia you can apply directly from there.

Compare areas like the minimum and maximum loan term, whether the company is a broker or a direct lender. See if there are any penalties for early repayment. Have a look around all of the options before committing yourself to one provider.

Can Anyone Take a Consolidation Loan?

The criteria for a consolidation loan vary, but generally you will need to have a minimum debt amount (often around $1,000) and might need to have more than one creditor. You may have to provide the consolidation loan company with proof of your debts and creditors. You can usually get a consolidation loan even if you have a bad credit rating.

Are there any Risks?

By taking a consolidation loan it is important to remember that the debt doesn't go away or suddenly disappear you will still owe the same overall amount. By putting multiple debts into one place, you can create the illusion that you have dealt with the problem but don't forget that you will still need to pay off the full amount. The only difference is that it has become easier (though may take longer).


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