ANZ First Visa (Credit Card)Visa Card
ANZ First Visa. For individuals who are looking for a low annual fee card, with great benefits and with the intent of infrequent usage. Simply transfer your non-ANZ credit, charge or store card balances to an ANZ First credit card. Enjoy the convenience of making one repayment a month instead of juggling multiple bills, making it easier to take control of your finances.
Location: Australia
1. Flexibility to add up to three additional credit cardholders to your account at no extra cost.
2. Extended warranty - double the manufacturer's expressed Australian warranty on goods by up to 12 months when the entire purchase is charged to your ANZ First Visa.
3. 90-day purchase security insurance3 - insurance against loss, theft or breakage over a range of new personal items when the purchase is charged to your ANZ First Visa card.
4. ANZ Visa payWave, a new contactless payment feature on the ANZ First Visa credit card allowing you to pay for purchases under $100 without swiping, signing, or entering a PIN at any participating merchants.
5. Visa Entertainment providing you with access to special events, exclusive merchandise packages and home entertainment products.
In order to be eligible for this card:
1. You are over 18 years of age.
2. You have a good credit rating.
3. You are a permanent Australian resident, earning a minimum annual income of $15,000 if applying for an ANZ Credit Card account. If you require a Platinum credit card account or you are a non-permanent Australian resident, you must earn a minimum annual income of $50,
1. Design your own ANZ First Visa credit card by simply loading your favourite image or choose from a library of images using ANZ designmycard.
2. Worldwide emergency credit card replacement for your ANZ First Visa card.
3. As an ANZ First Visa cardholder, you have access to a range of services including:
-Secure Sentinel
-ANZ Wine Club
-ANZ Car Rental Cover

APR: 19.39% p.a.
Credit Limit: $1000 minimum
Credit Rebuild: No
Chip and Pin: No
Under 18: No
SMS Banking: No

Fees: $30 p.a.
Cash Back: N/A
Cash Advances: 20.99%
Balance Transfer: 2.9% (12 months)
New Purchase: 0% (3 months)19.39% p.a.

Rewards: 2.9% p.a. first 12 months then 19.39% p.a. ongoing on balance transfers

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