Welcome to our Foreign Currency Exchange area. Whether you are looking to get your holiday money or you want to transfer money abroad we have the resources to help you. There is an international money transfer section for both private and corporate individuals and no matter how much you want to transfer and where the foreign exchange specialists listed will be able to help.


Compare Foreign Currency Exchange Products

There are many ways to buy foreign currency today. From traditional Travel Money purchases such as Cash and Travellers' Cheques to large Foreign Exchange Transfers even if you need to send money to family and friends based in another country there are many currency exchange services to choose from. In general, normal credit card providers and traditional banks can end up being worse value for money as they may incur fees for carrying out a foreign currency exchange service.

Whatever your Foreign Exchange needs, we have compared and listed expert foreign currency exchange companies and brokers offering highly competitive foreign currency exchange rates and services so that you may choose far better deals than via standard channels.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Private Clients

If you are planning to send a significant amount of foreign currency (around $10,000 and over) abroad, then you should consider the services provided by Foreign Exchange Brokers. These foreign exchange institutions specialize in offering the best foreign currency exchange rates available. Foreign Exchange Brokers provide a far superior method of transferring money than using your regular bank.

Foreign Exchange companies offer services for both individuals and businesses. You might want to buy an overseas property or perhaps you are emigrating to a new country and will need to transfer your bank balance abroad in the most economically efficient way possible. As well as offering an exceptional foreign exchange rate, with a foreign exchange broker there is rarely any commission attached to the transfer unlike traditional banks. The only fee which may apply on smaller foreign currency transfers could be around $15 (the Foreign Exchange company will state the minimum amount for free transfer).

Commercial Foreign Exchange Brokers make their money because they access foreign currency at the Interbank rate. They take a small margin on this when the foreign exchange money is bought by the consumer or business. However, unlike a traditional bank, with a foreign exchange company, the large majority of the foreign currency rate is passed directly on to the customer resulting in big savings.

Foreign Currency Exchange for Corporate Clients

Whether your corporation runs import and export of international goods, requires a fast and secure way to pay for overseas suppliers or needs a high performing and efficient international investment platform, specialist foreign exchange brokers can handle those needs. Foreign exchange brokers are highly trained professionals within the currency exchange market and handle large volumes of international currencies each day.

Most foreign exchange broker specialists offer a separate corporate and private client service, so you know your business's foreign exchange orders are carried out to the right standard and with someone who has your firm's best interests in first place. The requirements of a corporation are usually vastly different to those of a retail investor and your personal currency exchange broker will discuss a wide range of hedging strategies with you, from forward contracts and options, from high tech to straightforward vanilla.

The exchange rates and spreads you and your firm will be offered by foreign exchange brokers are highly competitive and hard to beat; you can choose from an execution-only service or hand over the reins to your trader with a full dedicated advisory option. Regardless of the size or frequency of your firm's business foreign exchange activity, foreign currency exchange brokers can discuss a tailor-made service with you and no call centres to deal with, ever.

Money Transfer Online for Smaller Transfers

Which Way To Pay Australia lists a wide range of good Money Transfer companies. Money Transfer services allow you to send money abroad to family and friends in the cheapest, safest and fastest way possible. Money Transfer services are best used for smaller money transfers if you want to send money online of around $15,000, then a Foreign Exchange Broker might be a cheaper and better way to go. However, for smaller amounts then Money Transfer companies can offer a range of options, from online money transfers to traditional branch-to-branch services.

When choosing from different Money Transfer services, there are some things to bear in mind for one, think about where your recipient is. Does the money transfer company service that destination? Does your recipient have the same capabilities as you (such as email/internet connection)? If they don't, then a branch service would be better suited to them. Using Money Transfer services like the ones listed in this section are a much more cost-effective way to send money online to other countries than the methods offered at your normal bank.


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