ADAIS (Debt Management)
ADAIS specialise in personal credit matters and debt help that will help you become debt free without taking out another interest accruing loan. They are dedicated to providing fast responsible debt relief to suit your needs. You can easily request a call back by filling out the quick contact form online and get started with your debt management plan. Please make sure that you read all of their terms and conditions in detail before you apply so that you understand your obligations. If you have any questions contact their customer support team.
Location: Australia
1. Protect you from bankruptcy
2. Assist you to manage your finances more efficiently.
3. Eliminate the need to make multiple repayments for unsecured debts.
4. Consolidate repayment into one amount.
5. Restructure repayment into weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
6. No security is required, and your family home is safe
7. No early repayment fee.
8. No hidden costs.
9. All legal action against you will cease
10. All debts will be frozen, and no further interest will accumulate
1. Establishment fee is $950
1. The creditors will have up to 30 working days to vote on the proposal. During this period, you are under no obligation to pay your unsecured creditors.

Debt Options: Debt Agreement/Asset Protection/Financial Budgeting
Minimum Debt: Less than $92,037.40
Minimum Monthly Income: Afforable Installments
Write Off Options: Ask on Application.

Terms and Conditions:
1. You must not have been bankrupt, utilised a debt agreement or given an authority under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act in the last 10 years
2. You must receive and after tax income of less than about $61,875.45
3. You must have unsecured debts of less than about $82,500.60
4. Your property can not be exempt under bankruptcy valued at less than about $82,500.60
Initially personal details
You must have an after tax income of less than $61,875.45 per annum and unsecured debts of less than $82,500.60
If you are having trouble repaying your debts
ADAIS (Which Way To Pay - 10/1/2011)
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