Protect Your Pet With Pet Insurance

20 June 2012 18:00 - Phoebe Robinson

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Protect Your Pet With Pet Insurance

What a great comfort it is after a hard day in the office to come home and be greeted by a little furry friend, who has been waiting for your return all day. We all know our animals at home are practically part of the family. So why not insure yours?  Pet health care can differ in cost greatly depending on the coverage plan. Pet insurance can include annual or per-visit deductibles, annual limits and so on. The price you pay can depend on the breed of your dog or cat and its age.  A basic health insurance for pets can run at a few dollars a month, premium coverage can run up to 100 dollars a month. Most basic pet insurance plans cover: accidents including car accidents or dog attacks, accidental poison or ingestion, foreign objection ingestion such as a babies dummy and X-rays and surgeries necessary for any above-mentioned conditions. 

Those who are particularly keen on their furry friends may choose a premium coverage pet insurance which would cover: cancer, canine diabetes or feline diabetes, heartworm issues, allergies in both cats and dogs and arthritis in both cats and dogs.

So is it worth it? For most low cost pet insurance that offers accident coverage is a necessity. It is up to you whether you think your pet is worth it.


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