The Right Card Regardless of Business Size

09 November 2010 - Which Way To Pay

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The Right Card Regardless of Business Size


Business credit cards were recently added to the products on Which Way To Pay and there are many good reasons to introduce a card to your business today.

Large corporations generally rely heavily on business credit cards, to help them control employee spending and manage expenses across the company.  But even if you are a one-man (or woman) set up, you can use a business credit card to your benefit.

Using a separate card for business and private purposes is not only useful, it is essential in order to be able to control your business effectively.   Regardless of the size of your business, the debt on the card is the responsibility of the company and not the individual/the person who uses the card.

Aside from being purely for business-related expenses, business credit cards have all the main features that a regular card has:

- Credit limit (set to the requirements of the business)
- Standard interest rate
- Introductory offers (interest-free periods/balance transfer deals)
- Fraud protection
- Purchase cover
- Emergency assistance

Many business credit card carry extra perks, such as reward programs or elite membership to valet services or airport lounge access.  These may be offered to you but usually come for a larger annual fee.



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