What are the Risks in Share Dealing?

23 April 2010 - Which Way to Pay

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What are the Risks in Share Dealing?



Share dealing is one of the most popular ways to invest for private individuals in Australia.  Thanks to online stockbrokers you can now perform you deals online from the comfort of your own home.  But what are the risks of share dealing?


Dealing with Risk


Before you commence in any type of investment, no matter how ‘safe’ it seems it is best to seek advice.  The more you know about an investment product or tool, the more control you have over your money.


Share dealing has its fair share of risks and any good stockbroker should make you aware of these before you start dealing.


Generally, share dealing is seen as being lower risk than Forex or CFDs, because it is usually viewed as a longer-term investment.


However as with all financial markets, shares rise and fall in value.  When your money is placed on the line, it is exposed to the fluctuations of the market.  While your investment could look solid today, it could lose value down the line.


Always do as much background knowledge as you can before you get going – and partake in trader training if needs be.  For people with low risk appetite it might be worth considering a good investment manager.


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