What is the fuss all about with credit cards and identity theft protection? Money management tips for young people

24 September 2013 - Which Way To Pay

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Why do I need Identity Theft Protection? Smart money management tips for teenagers

Being a teenager can be a hard time, bringing with it challenges and changes which, letís be honest, you could do without. One of the biggest, albeit exciting, responsibilities is handling personal finances. Your teenage years are the perfect time to start to think about money matters and try to understand your finances thoroughly. The earlier you begin your financial education, the better you will find your finances later in life.

Have you applied for a student credit card?

Using your credit card for the first time can give you a rush. It is however, important that you understand credit cards are the single biggest factor why people get into debt. These plastic friends tempt you to spend money that you simply do not have, and as a result you are not able to make your monthly repayments. If you are inexperienced with credit cards then you must ensure that you can make the full repayment at the end of the month, otherwise you will quickly see your debt spiral out of control.

Young people are vulnerable so ensure you have identity theft protection

Young people can find that they are a target of identity theft because they are a bit more careless with their documents or personal information. If you have a credit card, take adequate protection; if you use online banking ensure that you have adequate security in place. Always shred any bank statements, credit card receipts or personal statements and finally, never write down your pin number or any credit card numbers. Identity theft protection has never been more important so ensure you have adequate protection in place.



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