Stereotyping gender and age is unfair when it comes to car insurance

30 July 2013 - Which Way To Pay

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Which sex is the best when it comes to driving?

A new study has revealed damning evidence stating females are better drivers than men. The research shows that male drivers are more likely to speed, crash and in extreme circumstances die behind the wheel. The study, also found that young drivers aged 17 to 25, contrary to popular belief, are among the best on the road when compared to other age groups.

Females are more risk-averse than males

"Males are certainly at higher risk than females, whether it's per car, per head of population or per the kilometres travelled," says road safety chair Professor Raphael Grzebieta. "They are simply more risk-prone and females are more risk-averse."

The study monitored the way motorists react to real-world driving conditions, taking into account braking, pace and acceleration amongst other skills. Drivers were given a score out of a hundred after driving more than 400 kilometres using the research app. The app mimics in-car technology, where a 'black-box' device is fitted to a car to monitor driving behaviour.

What age group is the best at driving?

Drivers aged 65 years and above scored the highest of all the age categories with an average score of 78. Drivers aged in the early thirties and late forties scored 77. Motorists aged in their early forties received the lowest overall score of 71 out of a possible 100.

How does this impact car insurance?

This research shows that stereotyping age groups as unsafe or high risk is unfair when it comes to car insurance



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