VFX Financial PLC (Foreign Exchange)
VFX is a leading money transfer and foreign currency broker, helping our clients transfer their foreign exchange efficiently and safely. Whether a business managing its exposure, an individual buying a home overseas, families emigrating to a new country or simply wanting to transfer your money abroad VFX can help you.
Location: UK
1. Open an account online free of charge with no obligation to trade
2. Free transfers and no commission charges
3. Purchase and make transfers online
4. Transfer confirmations emailed directly to you
5. Highly competitive exchange rates
6. Regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
1. £2,500 minimum trade
1. Regular Payments.
2. Forward Contacts.
3. Spot Contracts.
4. Stop Loss Orders.
5. Limit Orders.

Established: 2001 FSA 185223
Spread/Margin: 0.1-1%
Costs/Fees: $0 above $1000
Rate Improved With Volume: Yes
Transfer Methods: Bank Account to Bank Account
Transfer Speed: Europe and US same day, rest of the world 48 hours
Transfer Minimum: $2500
Trust Accounts: RBS Trust Accounts

Online Trading Platform: No
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Forward Contract - A forward contract allows the buyer to lock in an exchange rate 'today' for a future delivery date up to 12 months, effectively removing future risk from any movements in the foreign exchange market. As a risk management tool this contract provides protection against fluctuating exchange rates. Also known as hedging, this can be one of the most effective ways of managing your foreign exchange exposure. A forward contract is ideal for private individuals wishing to fix the cost of purchasing an off plan overseas property or a business wishing to take advantage of the current market rate against future obligations. Forward contracts will usually require a deposit of between 5% and 10%, with the remainder payable on the contract maturity date.
Forward Time Option (flexible forward) - This works in exactly the same way as a standard forward contract but allows the funds to be drawn down in full or partially prior to contract maturity. This is ideal if you need a fixed exchange rate but are unsure of the date you will require the funds. VFX also has the facility to roll the maturity date of a forward by executing a swap if required, allowing the client to move the value date further ahead if needed. This may involve additional cost.
Regular Payments:
Do you have an overseas mortgage?
Do you send money overseas to cover the running costs of your property abroad?
Do you live abroad and receive a UK pension or salary?
Do you need to repatriate rental income from your overseas property?
If the answer is YES to any of the above VFX can help save you money on your ongoing financial commitments.
Once you have bought a property or emigrated overseas, you are likely to remain with the burden of converting sterling to your new currency in some shape or form. Currency fluctuations however, can make budgeting difficult even on small amounts, and with high transfer charges and layers of commission with your personal bank these costs can escalate. 
VFX has established a simple system of allowing you to automate your currency transactions and fix in a rate yearly without any transfer fees.
Our clients benefit from our regular monthly payments service. So whether you're paying an overseas mortgage, or bringing rental returns back to the UK, using our service will save you stress, time and money!
Security Statement:
Please see website for details.
Terms and Conditions:
Please see the VFX website.

Number Of Currencies: 34
Currencies Available:
1.Europe Eur Euro 
2.UK GBP British Pound
3.USA USD United States Dollar
4.South Africa ZAR South African Rand
5.UAE AED UAE Dirham
6.Australia AUD Australian Dollar 
7.Bahrain BHD Bahrain Dollar 
8.Bulgaria BGN Bulgarian Lev 
9.Canada CAD Canadian Dollar 
10.Switzerland CHF Swiss Franc 
12.Czech Republic CZK Czech Koruna
13.Denmark DKK Danish Kroner
14.Hong Kong HKD Hong Kong Dollar
15.Hungary HUF Hungarian Forint
16.Israel ILS Israeli Shekel
17.India INR Indian Rupee
18.Iceland ISK Icelandic Krona
19.Japan JPY Japanese Yen
20.Morocco MAD Moroccan Dirham 
21.Norway NOK Norwegian Kroner
22.New Zealand NZD New Zealand Dollar
23.Oman OMR Omani Rial
24.Poland PLN Polish Zloty
25.Sweden SEK Swedish Krona
26.Singapore SGD Singapore Dollar
27.Thailand THB Thai Baht
28.Turkey TRY Turkish Lira
29.Malta MTL Maltese Lira
30.Slovenia SIT Slovenian Tolar
31.Estonia EEK Estonian Kroon
32.Mexico MXN Mexican Peso
33.Mauritius MUR Mauritian Rupee
34.Tunisia TAD Tunisian Dinar
35.Quatar QAR Quatar Riyal
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