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Risk Warning

There is a high level of risk to capital associated with trading on the foreign exchange market. It is highly recommended to consider certain elements prior to investing, such as:

  • Your level of experience
  • Your risk appetite
  • Your investment goals

As leverage is a key factor to forex trading, losses incurred on trade can be substantial, and could even be larger than money gained. Put simply, leverage can work for you but also against you. Therefore it is highly important that you do not invest money which you cannot afford to lose.

Forex trading is not suitable for every investor. Before starting, you should make yourself fully aware of the risks involved. If necessary, consult an independent financial advisor, to discuss your ability to cope with the risk exposure and whether Forex trading is a suitable investment strategy.

Trading Risks

No-one could claim that trading forex is a risk-free method of making money. As with all types of investment trading, forex can work with you and against you that is the nature of the market. However much money you decide to invest, there is a chance that you could lose some or all of it.

Traders must therefore try to manage that ever-present risk of loss. Making sure you are well informed about the product, the trade, the market and the world economy is just the start. Remember: the market is notoriously volatile, constantly changing direction.

By having knowledge about the ups and downs, ins and outs of the forex trading world, you are equipping yourself with a valuable tool. By knowing what the risks are and what to avoid, you are helping yourself to manage risk exposure. You might even be able to develop your own strategy and learn how to minimize losses and trade to make profit.

Qualified Brokers

When you are choosing a broker to sign up with, it's worth making some background checks. Unfortunately, fraudsters are often present in the forex market so it pays to avoid them as best you can.

Going with a trusted, highly qualified broking firm is very important and make sure that they are fully regulated and monitored under Australia's financial regulators. If you want information about the broker's background, they should be more than willing to give you this. If they are hesitant or cagey, steer clear of them.

Learning the Basics

It is really important to learn the basics of technical analysis before trading forex. You can educate yourself by carrying out research, but you can also sign up with an online trader training academy. They offer a range of free services and aids which you can buy (such as expert advice on DVD or download). Attend free seminars and webinars in your area and gain insight from seasoned professionals.

Managing Loss

During any trading period, currency prices can fluctuate drastically substantial losses can happen if prices fall suddenly. This risk can be controlled somewhat by placing stop loss orders on your trades. These set the closure of your position at a pre-determined currency price. So, you limit the risk of losing too much. There are other similar tools which you can implement through your broker just ask them what your options are.

Independent Financial Advice

Before commencing on any investment plan, it is recommended to seek independent financial advice. This allows you to go over your personal situation especially in regards to what you can (and cannot) afford. You might find that another investment tool is much more suited to you.


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