GMBHA Health Insurance (Health Insurance)
Pick between an all encompassing health insurance service which means you can either get Hospital, Extra or Combined Cover. Each policy comes in Bronze, Silver and Gold levels so you only pay for what you need/your budget allows. Fill out the online form in just a few hours. This will help you work out the best package for you. Please make sure that you read all of their terms and conditions in detail before you apply so that you thoroughly understand what you are purchasing. If you have any questions contact their customer support team.
Location: Australia
1.Your health is one of the most important things so go private and maximise your treatments and service.
2. Get money back from medical procedures.
3. Pay less after you turn 31.
4. If you take out Combined Cover you are eligable for GMHBAs loyalty programme, Connect Rewards Plus.
5. Choose between Hospital, Extras or Combined Cover in Bronze, Silver or Gold levels.
6. Save on tax by getting eligable hospital cover.
7. Pay 30% to 40% less on your premiums with the Private Health Members’ Rebate.
8. All inclusive cover.
9. Apply online in just a few minutes.
1. Only available to Australians who have an Australian address.
2. There are waiting periods e.g maternity can be up to 12 months. Check 'waiting periods' on website for full details.
3. Excess is age dependent (30%-40%) Goes up with age.
1. Join today, claim tomorrow.

Policy Name: Health Insurance
Policy Cost: From $39.35
Policy Excess: $0 - $500

Cover Type: Hospital/Extras/Combined
Cover Level: Bronze/Silver/Gold
Cover Detail:
1. HOSPITAL COVER: Bronze/Silver/Silver Hospital Single Parents/Gold Hospital/Silver Plus/Gold Plus.
2. EXTRAS COVER: Bronze extras/Silver Extras/Standard Extra Plus/Special Care Extra Plus/ Gold Extras/ Platinum Extras
3. COMBINED: Bronze Young Singles Package/ Silver Young Singles Package/ Silver Evertday Package.

Application Methods: Online, Tel, Branch, Post
Underwriter: GMBHA
Pay Monthly: Yes

Private health insurance.
A waiting period is the time between when you join GMHBA and when you can start claiming. Waiting periods exist to protect members’ funds from those who wait until they are sick and then join a health fund just to claim large sums immediately. Waiting periods apply to:
1. New members to health insurance (members who have never held hospital or extras cover with a health fund).
2. Existing GMHBA members who upgrade to a higher level of cover or reduce their excess payable.
3. Members who transfer from another health fund who have not fully served the required waiting period for equivalent benefits.
4. Treatment for a pre-existing condition.
Australia only.
Single parent families can select any level of family cover – or can save with our special Silver Single Parent Hospital cover from our Everyday range. Silver Hospital Single Parents cover has a reduced premium by including an excess and excludes services you may not need, like obstetrics and IVF related services.

Health Type: Medical Insurance
Health Info: N/A
Ambulance Cover: Yes
Hospital Cover: No
GMBHA Health Insurance (Which Way To Pay Australia - 17/4/2013)
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3 Star Rating

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GMBHA Health Insurance
GMBHA Health Insurance