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Home insurance covers us for a range of purposes. Whether you're on your own, a family, in your older years, a homeowner, tenant or landlord there are insurance policies to cover you.

You might want to cover you and your family for accidental loss to your home contents ideal for families with small children. Or, you might want to be covered for burglary.

You can even find policies to cover you when you're away from home perfect for people who travel a lot.

What Types of Home Insurance are there?

  • Home and Contents Insurance

Standard home and contents insurance covers your home in case something unexpected happens including storms, floods, fire, burst pipes, theft and damage. The majority of Australians have some form of home and contents insurance.

  • Investor Home and Contents

This is a policy which covers landlords they want to know that their property is insured while other people are living there.

  • Cover for People over 55

People over 55 (or similar age) are often offered a specialized policy on their home and contents. This policy will carry extra benefits which suit your age group, such as assistance to home assistance services or you might even be covered for hotel room contents while you're on holiday within Australia.

What Can I Cover?

You can cover yourself, your family and your home for many things, including:

  • Fire
  • Floods
  • Lightning
  • Riots and Civil Unrest
  • Tsunami
  • Burst pipes
  • Explosion
  • Earthquakes
  • Theft and damage from thieves
  • Breakage (windows etc)
  • Damage by pets

Extras might be spillages from wine on carpets and other 'superficial' damage, but this depends on the policy.

Where can I get Home Insurance?

There are many different insurance companies which offer home insurance in Australia. They may offer special variations on basic home and contents insurance so do have a look around. Use our comparison page for a quick reference of each one.

Which Cover is Right for Me?

Before you take a home and contents insurance policy, think about your personal circumstances. Are you at home a lot? Do you live alone or do you have a large young family? Are you of pensionable age and do you have pets? Are you away from home a lot?

You'll need a policy which suits you there's no point going for cover which doesn't include your luxury goods, jewellery, paintings and so on if you are a high income family.


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