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Below you can view a chart which compares different identity theft protection services. Sign up to receive a fast and simple solution to protecting you and your personal information. The firms below can offer Identity Theft Protection by monitoring your credit file, and may offer extras such as insurance in case you are targeted by criminals. Use the chart to compare the main features of some of the top Identity Theft Protection services in Australia. Do they offer a free trial period where you can test the service for free? Can they help you to repair your credit rating if it becomes damaged? What exactly can they offer you? If you find an Identity Theft Protection service that suits you, just click on Apply to find out more or sign up directly from the provider.

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Identity Theft Protection to stop criminals to use your personal details

An Identity Theft Protection service helps to keep your own personal details safe

Why do criminals steal information?

Thousands of Australians are victims of identity theft each year. Criminals will use personal information and data to borrow money, apply for credit cards, buy property and withdraw cash from your bank account all this under your name but to their advantage.

If this happens to a person, it often means lost money, and his reputation may be damaged for quite a while.

How can thieves get hold of your details?

There are many ways with which criminals can steal your personal details. Cash machines, for example, are a popular place for the use to secretly read credit card information. But it is also possible that your e-mails or you online bank accounts are hacked, and of course it is possible that your purse gets stolen.

What does an Identity Theft Protection service do?

An Identity Theft Protection firm monitors your credit file, offers and alert service and helps you to repair your reputation in the case you have become a victim of identity theft. Some firms even offer insurance as well.

How to find the best Identity Theft Protection service?

Have a look at this page and the variety of services which an Identity Theft Protection agency can provide. It is safe, reliable and comes with a guarantee. To sign up is easy and takes just three minutes.

Why is identity theft protection so important?

Identity theft is a serious crime and one that affects literally thousands of Australians each day a year. Fraudsters will go to many measures to obtain your personal information so it is important that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that you are not subject to their activity. Criminals will use your information to take out loans, mobile phone contracts, a contract on real estate, start new credit cards, steal money from your bank account or open store cards and buy high priced items. It can take a lot of time and effort to repair the damage to your credit file and name so it is important that you use an identity theft protection service to ensure that you are protected thoroughly.

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