Welcome to our Insurance area. With so much insurance on the market it can be tough to work out what sort of cover you need and how much you should have to pay for it. We compare numerous insurance products so that you can find the cheapest deals available online. Make sure that the policy you get covers you from all angles and read the terms and conditions thoroughly.


Compare Insurance Products

Insurance is a vital factor in every Australian's life. From Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance and more – an insurance policy means you transfer risk but it is vitally important to compare insurance before deciding. By taking an insurance policy, the insurer agrees to compensate you for a loss. Therefore, you don't have to pay that loss yourself so long as you take out insurance. Generally, the insurer will need to assess what level of risk is involved so that they can decide whether or not to accept your case and to give you insurance. They will do this by getting information from you and will then draw up an insurance policy. You can then decide whether their insurance terms meet your personal needs and compare insurance policies. The price of insurance is called 'premium'. The amount of premium you pay is based on the amount of cover you want to have and the risks associated with the asset you wish to cover. Generally, insurance premiums are paid in regular slots (yearly, half yearly or monthly) but again, compare insurance policies thoroughly.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance involves three types of optional cover. You will need to familiarize yourself with them in order to choose the right policy to cover you and compare car insurance policies. Aside from optional cover is compulsory car insurance cover (sometimes called a “green slip”) – this is paid when you register your car and covers injuries to other people in case there is an accident involving your car. However, this will not cover injuries which you receive yourself, damage to your car or another person's car.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a pretty important factor for a regular Australian. Under Medicare, all people (except those on Norfolk Island) are eligible for free healthcare, including people with New Zealand citizenship. But what if a person is after further cover and care? Private health insurance offers you extra peace of mind for all those unexpected moments in life. You can choose different levels of health cover according to your age, circumstances and lifestyle – because everyone's different. Hospital Cover gives you the chance to avoid Medicare Levy Surcharge – a cost which is added to a person's regular 1.5% Medicare Levy.

By using our comparison area for Health Insurance, you can choose the features which interest you and your needs and compare insurance policies. Private health insurance means you are covered as a private patient in a private (or public) hospital of your choice. Being a private patient means you have more freedom to choose and less time wasted waiting for treatment.

Home Insurance

There are various home insurance cover options for the building and the contents inside it. This is because everyone is different and therefore has different needs. Types home insurance you can apply for include Accidental damage of loss to contents – this means you receive cover for any damages or losses at home. This is ideal for families with young children or people who like to have guests at home. Home insurance that covers you when you are away from home is ideal for people who like to travel – it covers additional protection for items you take out of the house (like watches and clothing).

Life Insurance

Life insurance might give you cover, but it is also acting as a protection blanket around your family and loved ones. Nobody likes to think about what would happen if we were to die, but it is a good idea to guarantee your nearest and dearest some level of security in case you aren't around from one day to the next and taking out life insurance is the way to do this. For people who already have a terminal illness or medical condition, life insurance is even more important – now is the time to arrange the necessary cover so that the people you care about receive what is rightfully theirs.

You can choose from a range of life insurance policies, from Single to Joint (for you and your partner). You can arrange that if you die within the life of the policy, your family will receive income for a guaranteed number of years. This will help them to deal with the everyday cost of living and also the changes that arise from your departure. You can even choose specialist policies if you are a smoker – as this changes your life expectancy. As with any insurance type, with life insurance, it is essential to take your time when searching for the right policy.

Pet Insurance

Why should I take out Pet Insurance? According to the RSPCA animal welfare organization, Australia has one of the largest proportions of pet owners in the world. Around 65% of the 7.5 million households in the country have at least one pet – and in over 2.8 million households at least one of those pets is a dog. Anyone who has their own pet knows that caring for them can become expensive, especially when a visit to the vet is necessary. This is where pet insurance comes in handy.

Pet insurance provides much-needed peace of mind for pet owners, covering the animal for illness and injury, vet fees and in some cases even cover the costs of kennel and cattery for when you are away. The majority of pet insurance providers in Australia deal with dogs and cats, but you can usually find firms that can specialize in pet insurance for other breeds of animal, including horses, rabbits and more unusual pets such as reptiles and arachnids.

Travel Insurance

You can prepare for the unexpected with Travel Insurance. Travelling in Australia or abroad is something many Australians do at some point in their lives. While it is usually an exciting and fun arrangement, it is best to ensure that if something does go wrong, you are covered with the correct travel insurance. This might include delayed flights, lost or stolen luggage or illnesses /accidents abroad. You can even cover yourself for cancelled travel tickets and emergency events with the right travel insurance policy.


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