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Law Central not only educates you on your chosen legal subject matter but it also allows you to access, purchase and fill out legal forms online. The extensive library houses legal documents for all spectrum's from 'Family Trust' forms to 'Company Constitution' documents. Apply for free membership and simply pay by legal services product. Please make sure that you read all of their terms and conditions before you apply so that you thoroughly understand what you are purchasing. If you have any questions contact their customer support team.
Location: Australia
1. Sign up with LawCentral to get free membership!
2. Money back customer satisfaction guarantee.
3. Some documents are free of charge! Visit the price list for details.
4. An enormous range of documents in a wide number of fields.
5. Any queries about their service can be answered by the website's FAQ section.
6. Pay by Credit Card, Money Order/Cheques or Direct Deposit.
1. LawCentral is NOT a Law Firm. It cannot give legal advice.
2. Only available in Australia.
3. Only Visa and MasterCard accepted.
Legal document drafting service. Other services include Legal Tutor, Bulletin Bookshelf, Affiliate Club, Authors Club, Featured books, Legal Brief, Legal Dictionary and Platinum Membership.

Product Type: Legal Documents
Product Price: $0 - $660
Product Detail:
1. Trusts
2. Business Structures
3. Superannuation
4. Wills and POA's
5. Family Law
6. Commercial
7. Debt Recovery
8. Employment Law
9. Corporate
10. Real Estate
11. Software and Internet
12. FSRA Compliance
13. Mortgage/Loans
14. Other

Application Methods: Online

Australians looking for legal forms.
Only applicable for Australian Law.
All issues of discontentment with the services will be attended to.
Law Central (Which Way To Pay - 18/1/2011)
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3 Star Rating

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