Mr Tax Refund (Tax Services)
Mr Tax Refund Australia is the smart new way to claim your tax back. Our experienced group of tax consultants can complete your tax return over the phone at a time and place that suits you. We can have your Australian tax return done in 30 minutes, and, at your option can send an instant refund to your bank account overnight. We'll call you so you don't even have to worry about phone call charges.
Location: Australia
1. Maximum Tax Refunds - Guaranteed * Or Double Your Fee Back!
2. Refunds Sent To Your Account in 24 Hours - Fast refund service in Australia.
3. Very Experienced Tax Agent - Getting you the maximum refund
4. Quick & Easy Phone Service - Over the phone Tax Preparations done in under 30 minutes!
Basic Tax Return Includes:
1. Speak to a real consultant
2. Up to 3 Payment Summaries (not including Capital Gains)
3. Deductions up to $1,000
4. Free Email Support
 1. Australia only
Over the phone Tax Returns done in 30 minutes

Product Type: Tax Returns
Product Price: $70
Product Detail:
Tax Preparation:
Basic* Individual Return $70.00

Application Methods: Online, Phone

People looking for the lowest tax preparation fees in Australia.
To complete your tax return with Mr Refund you will need the following:
1. Full Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Residential Address
4. Mobile Phone Number
5. Tax File Number
6. PAYG Payment Summary (Group Certificates)
7. Interest Statements
8. Dividends
9. Other Income Details of your Deductions
Application necessary for more detail

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Mr Tax Refund
Mr Tax Refund