Welcome to our money area. Whether you are looking to save your money safely or you are dealing with mounting debts there are plenty of services on Which Way to Pay which can help you. We also compare different identity theft protection services so that you can sleep safely knowing that you are protected. Credit reports are also available so you can work out where you stand with your bank


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Many Australians are looking for ways to make life as affordable as possible. Making sure you have the right bank accounts, where you put your savings, which home loan is right for you and how to manage your everyday money are all factors which are high on the list.

In this area, you can find products and services which relate to these topics. Find a good debt management plan if you find yourself in a difficult money-juggling situation. They allow you to settle your debts via a formal or informal agreement. If you’re looking for some of the top Savings accounts or regular Transaction accounts, take a look at our handy comparison areas – see which one offers the best rates and lowest fees! We also provide a comprehensive area for Mortgages – compare deals to get a good deal for you. If you already know what you’re looking for, just click on the relevant link below.

Debt Management

A formal Debt Management Agreement provides an easy way for people to settle their debts with their creditors via a formal accord. Formal Debt Agreements are generally a simpler and more cost effective option than bankruptcy. A debt management agreement is legally binding and allows you to pay off your debts over a period of time at an affordable rate. Setting up a Debt Agreement can be done through a specialist debt management company. Debt management firms make the process easier and it is comforting to know that a professional is helping you to negotiate with your creditors. Your payments are restricted to one monthly payments and interest is frozen. The debt collectors are halted and you are on your way to a better financial future!

Informal Debt Agreements are similar to Formal ones. A third party (or debt specialist) helps you to negotiate with your creditors and a solution is found. They will assess your personal situation and suggest a debt management plan to sort the problems out. Debt specialists will run through a variety of options with you so that you can choose which is best for you. Unlike Formal Debt Agreements, no legally binding contract is made.

Credit Reports / Credit Reference Agencies

Do you know what a credit report looks like? From the first time you apply for a loan, credit card or even a bank account, your credit report will begin. The information inside your credit report will be used by banks, lenders, finance companies and even phone firms to check if you are suitable for their product. So, aside from your full name, driver's licence, your employer and where you live, a credit report will also have details of all the loans and credit cards you have applied for in the last 5 years.

You can access your own credit file which can help you to manage the information within it – and to make sure everything is correct with credit reference agencies. Surprisingly, many credit reports do contain mistakes, such as an old address. It may even say you still owe money on a loan that you have actually paid off.

Which Way To Pay Australia has added an area specially for credit reports, which allows you to see different credit reference agencies that offer good deals to allow you to regularly check and monitor your file. Staying up to date with your credit report can also help you to prevent credit or ID fraud.

Identity Theft Protection

Frighteningly, identity theft is a common crime in Australia, and every year thousands of people become innocent victims. By getting hold of your personal information (such as name, address, employer details, bank details, loan details), a criminal can commit fraud – and you may not even be aware of it until it is far too late. Cleaning up your profile and good name after being made a victim of identity theft can be a lengthy process.

Fortunately you can take steps to prevent ID crime. You can do this in a number of ways – sign up to regularly view your credit report with one of the listed credit reference agencies is just one way. By frequently checking your file you can check if anyone has been snooping around your personal information. Signing up for ID theft protection is another extremely wise way to prevent from being made a victim. Identity theft protection and monitoring is now offered online in Australia, and can flag up any suspicious behaviour on your credit report. You could receive automatic alerts and benefit from tips, assistance and advice on how to protect yourself against identity fraud.

Legal Services

Are you looking for legal advice or documents, but want the convenience of the internet over a visit to a lawyer? There are now many useful online legal services that are designed to help you on a huge range of legal situations, including divorce, bankruptcy, a Will, trust and many more. With many different legal services to choose from you can select what kind of help you want – from a simple download on legal documents to tips and advice.

Online legal services are not likely to be able to provide personal legal advice for you, but they can offer a massive range of legal documents and forms that can make your life easier. So, if you are dealing with a legal situation and you want a straightforward way to get started, these legal services may be able to help you.

Savings Accounts

Putting money aside for the future is a really good idea – and savings accounts are the best way to make that money grow over time. That way, you could save enough for an important purchase like a car, home, holiday, wedding or maybe you just want to be able to pay the kids' uni bills one day?

Which Way To Pay Australia offers a wide range of savings accounts from Australia's best companies – allowing you to make the most of your money in a risk-free environment. It's not always easy to find savings accounts that best suit you with the large amount of products offered from banks and building societies. There are also various types of Savings Accounts on offer – such as a Fixed rate account.

You might find that different Savings Accounts' have different fees and charges according to the provider you choose – therefore it is worth comparing these using our handy comparison tool. Checking the interest rate offered on Savings Accounts is always a wise idea – because you'll want your money to be earning as high a rate as possible. There are even special High Interest savings accounts on offer, which allow the customer to access their funds without getting a penalty.

Transaction Accounts

Transaction accounts are created for everyday use for regular people to use and manage their money. Interest rates are often negligible on a lot of transaction accounts because the majority of Australians make many transactions in a month. When searching for transaction accounts, there are some things which might make one transaction account more attractive than another – for instance, you might be interested in the level of convenience offered for accessing your account. Can you reach your money with ease via cash withdrawals, EFTPOS and ATMs? What type of card is offered with the account?

Another thing to bear in mind when comparing Transaction accounts is to look at the fees and charges – is there a flat monthly fee? This might suit you if you make lots of transactions in a month. If you rarely make transactions then a pay-as-you-go fee system might be better for your needs.

It is definitely worth having a good look at all the offers available before picking a transaction account – because if you choose the wrong type you could end up paying fees which you could avoid. Everyone's different – which is why the wide choice of transactions accounts on Which Way To Pay Australia reflects the wide range of people who each need something to suit them.


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