St.George Standard Variable Rate (Standard Variable)
The Standard Variable Rate Home Loan offered by St.George gives you complete flexibility with a full range of features. The interest rate on this loan will move up and down with changes to rates in financial markets. Mortgages do tend to fluctuate in this way. You get a convenient redraw facility and flexible repayment option. Please make sure that you read all of their terms and conditions in detail before you apply so that you thoroughly understand your obligations. If you have any questions contact their customer support team.
Location: Australia
Mortgage Lender: Lender
1. Flexible repayment options
2. 100% interest offset facility to help you save interest on your home loan
3. Convenient redraw facility
4. Make additional payments at any time
5. Set up convenient automatic repayments from your nominated account
6. Reduce or pause your home loan repayments for a period of between 3 to 12 months during a period of legitimate leave from the workforce
1. Subject to Bank approval. A fee applies for each approved request
1. You can use to pay weekly, monthly and yearly
2. Applying to more funds is simple
3. This loan can be used for building

Initial Rate: 6.48 % p.a.Initial Rate Length: 1 year
Variable Rate: 7.18 % p.a.Comparison Rate: 0.00 p.a.
Minimum Loan: $150,000Maximum Loan: $249,999
Set_up Fees: $600.00
Annual Fees: $10 p.m
LTV: Calculator available

Free Redraws: YesSplitting: Yes

The Comparison Rate depends on:
1. Loan amount
2. The term of the loan
3. The repayment frequency
4. Interest rate
5. Fees and charges connected with the loan excluding both government charges (such as stamp duty or mortgage registration fees) and those that are not evident at the time the Comparison Rate is provided.
First time buyers
Terms and Conditions:
This loan can be used for building
St.George Standard Variable Rate (Which Way To Pay Australia - 25/7/2013)
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St.George Standard Variable Rate
St.George Standard Variable Rate