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Below you will find comprehensive information on pet insurance in Australia.

A huge proportion of Australian households have at least one pet. Whether you fit into one of the 2.8 million households that have a dog or if your pet is more unusual, you will know that looking after a pet can become expensive.

Fortunately there are now many insurance firms that offer pet insurance which can give pet owners the peace of mind they need in order to care for their animals. Sadly there is no free national medical service for pets, so going to the vet something which is a frequent occurrence for many pets can become pricey. The right pet policy can cover the costs for when your pet suffers an illness or injury.

What Types of Pet Cover Can I Get?

You will notice that the majority of pet insurance providers in Australia deal with dogs and cats this is just because dogs and cats are by far the most common animals that Australian households have as pets.

However if you have a more unusual pet such as a horse, reptile, rodent or even arachnid, then you will be able to find a specialist insurer who can provide cover. In fact, in the case of less common animal types, you might find that you need additional cover for areas such as theft because of the higher value of the pet.

Most insurance firms offer a range of branded pet plans, which range from basic (budget) to advanced with higher annual cover for vet fees and third party liability.

The main areas you can cover where your pet is concerned are listed below:

  • Vet fees
  • Third Party Liability
  • Straying
  • Death
  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Kennel/boarding fees

Where vet fees are concerned, your insurer may only provide cover for illness or accident/injury many cannot include standard costs such as flea control or neutering/spaying.

Make sure you are absolutely clear about what your policy covers, because that way you can relax and get on with everyday life. If something were to happen to your pet and your claim was void because of inadequate cover, you could end up having to bear large costs that you hadn't contended with!

Where Can I Buy Pet Cover?

You can get pet insurance just as easily as other types of insurance. Simply use the comparison tool on Which Way To Pay to review, weigh up and select a range of pet insurers in Australia. There are lots of insurers that specialize in pet cover so take your time and look closely to see which one has the best offer for you.

You might notice that a large number of insurance focus their service on cats and dogs but this is only because the largest proportion of Australians have these animals. You might find that the same firm offers cover for other animal breeds if not, you can find a firm that offers specialist insurance for less common pet types.


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