Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance - Pet Insurance
(Which Way To Pay - 13/11/2013)
Bow Wow Meow is an Australian business that was established in 1995. It provides pet tags to pet stores and vets .

In 2007 they launched pet health insurance policies which soon developed into an award winning enterprise. They offer three insurance options: an accident plan, comprehensive plan, major medical plan.

Each plan covers for all main risks, extra conditions depend on the policy chosen. The excess level from $0 to $500 can be chosen by the policy holder.

The option to remove pre-existing excluded conditions after 18 months is a big advantage.

Costs start at $4 per week application is easy and fast.
Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance is ranked 4 out of 5. Based on 1 review.

4 Star Rating
1 Star: 1 Star RatingPoor
In relation to other products, has performed badly and has little or no worthwhile benefits.
2 Stars: 2 Star RatingBelow Average
Has some features of value, but in comparison to others performs below standard.
3 Stars: 3 Star RatingAverage
A fair product with regards to its competitors - has no outstanding features or benefits.
4 Stars: 4 Star RatingGood
In comparison to other products performs above standard, has beneficial features.
5 Stars: 5 Star RatingExcellent
Performs well above standard in comparison, has exceptional features and benefits.

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BowWowMeow Pet Insurance
BowWowMeow Pet Insurance