TD Waterhouse Share Dealing (Share Dealing)
TD Waterhouse’s International Trading Service allows you to trade directly on 17 live international markets (15 of which are online) from only $8.95 commission per trade and hold cash and stock in four major currencies – Sterline, US Dollars, Euro and Canadian Dollars. When you open a TD Waterhouse Trading Plus Account you will receive all the benefits of the standard Trading Account, plus access to this International Share Trading Service.
Location: UK
Capitalisation: Undisclosed
Established: 1997
Regulation: FSA 141282
Languages: English
1. ISA:
1.2 Offer a $0 Annual Admin Fee on ISA with a value of $3600 or more
1.3 Funds: Offer more than 1200 funds from 0% initial sales charge
2. Trading Account (this is UK trading only):
2.1 From a flat rate of $8.95 commission per online trade.
2.2 Trade online or over phone.
2.3 Shares held electronically on your behalf.
2.4 Online access to market news & research.
3. Trading Plus Account (uk & international trading).
3.1 From $8.95 commission per online trade for both UK and International trades.
3.2 Trade directly on 16 International markets (14 of which are online).
3.3 Hold cash & stock in 4 major currencies (GBP, Euro, USD, CAD).
3.4 Trade in Warrants & Securitised Derivatives such as Covered Warrants.
3.5 Trade online or over phone.
3.6 24/7 Online access to market news & research.
1. No Direct Market Access
2. No Dedicated Account Handlers
3. Cannot Accept US Citizens
4. No Futures and Options trading.
5. Do not allow CFD's in SIPP.
6. No Mobile Trading, API Access, Discretionary Management, Investment Management Services, Financial Planning Services.
UK Share Trading: Yes
Global Share Trading: Yes
 Unit Trust Dealing: Yes
Bond Dealing: Yes
Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPP): Yes
ISA: Yes

Commission: $8.95 Frequent: $12.95 Standard
Admin Charges: $10 per quarter if inactive
Extended Settlement: T+10
Number Of RSP's/Market Makers: N/A
Minimum Account: $0
Minimum Trade: 1 Share

Paper Share Certificates: Yes
Nominees: Yes
CREST Personal Membership: No

Australian Share Trading: NoGlobal Share Trading: Yes
Unit Trust Dealing: YesBond Dealing: Yes
Discretionary Management: No
Investment Research Provision: Yes
Investment Management Services: No

Market orders
A market order tells your broker to buy or sell a stock for you immediately at the best prices This can be risky for the novice investor if there is no firm quote because the market price of a stock may move up or down.
Limit orders.
You can place a limit order to buy or sell a stock at a price you specify or better.
Fill or Kill limit orders
This would be places when you wish to execute your entire order immediately at a specified price or better.
Stop-loss orders
This is designed to stop a loss. If your stock is declining in price, you might place an order to sell the stock if it hits a certain price.
1. London Stock Exchange (LSE)
2. Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
3. The PLUS Market
4. New York (NYSE)
6. American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
7. Toronto Stock Exchange
8. Canadian Venture Exchange
9. France - Paris Euronext
10. Belgium - Brussels Euronext
11. Germany - Frankfurt Xetra
12. Italy - Milan Stock Exchange
13. Netherlands - Amsterdam Euronext
14. Spain - Madrid
15. Australia Stock Exchange
16. Hong Kong Stock Exchange
17. Singapore Stock Exchange
18. Switzerland - Zurich Virt-x
19. Sweden - Stockholm
Products Available
1. Trading Account
2. Trading Plus Account (inc. 16 international markets and covered warrants)
3. Regular Investment Account
4. Trading ISA (inc. 16 International markets)
5. SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension)
6. CFD (Contracts For Difference)
7. Financial Spread Betting
8. Certificated Account
9. Savings Account
1. Trading Account
2. Trading Plus Account (inc. 16 international markets and covered warrants)
3. Regular Investment Account
4. Trading ISA (inc. 16 International markets)
5. SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension)
6. CFD (Contracts For Difference)
7. Financial Spread Betting
8. Certificated Account
9. Savings Account
TD Waterhouse In House Platform
Our online dealing service is easy to use and secure. Upon opening your account you will be given a username (which is your Account Number), login password and dealing password. You can login to your account by pressing the login button on this website and entering your username and 3 random characters that you will be asked for from your login password. Once logged in to your account in our secure site you can place trades, view your portfolio and statements, manage your account and use the extensive research, company information and news that we provide to help your make your investment decisions.

Direct Market Access: NoMarket_Marker: No
Mobile Trading: NoMobile Alerts: Yes
Automated Trading: YesAPI Access: No
Scalping: NoHedging: No
Interest On Balance: NoIslamic Accounts: No
US Citizens: No

Set Up Process:
Online instant no costs
Funding Methods:
You can fund your TD Waterhouse account by debit card, cheque or bank transfer (BACs or CHAPS).
Training Services:
Training Facilities
Seminars and online information.
24 Hour Trading: Yes
Live Chat Support: No
Live Stream Quotes: Yes
Free Phone Support: Yes
Mobile Trading: No
Mobile Alerts: Yes
Automated Trading: Yes
API Access: No
Support Services:
Seminars and online information.
Introductory Offer:
Number Of Base Currencies: 7
Pounds Sterling (GBP), US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Singapore Dollars (S$), Australian Dollars (AUD). Our multi currency facility helps to reduce the need for FX by letting you hold cash in your Trading Plus and SIPP Accounts in 7 major currencies

Forex Trading: NoCFD Trading: Yes
Futures Trading: NoShare Dealing: Yes
Spread Betting: Yes
TD Waterhouse (Which Way To Pay - 21/4/2010)
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4 Star Rating

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