Student Credit Cards

Compare student credit cards in the chart below. The chart is laid out so you can view the main benefits of each of the student cards' and should show the terms, interest rates and other important data clearly. Student credit cards offer a great way to start your financial future and there are plenty of credit cards on offer for Australian students. Make sure you have weighed up the costs and benefits of each of the student credit cards before making your choice. If necessary seek independent financial advice. For more information on these types of credit cards or to make an application you can click on the More Info button. Before you apply for a student credit card make sure that you read the terms and conditions to ensure that you understand your financial obligations.

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Compare Student Credit Cards

Student credit cards give students all the advantages of a credit card

Even with low income, students don't have to be without the benefits of a credit card

What is a student credit card?

A student credit card is a normal credit card but it is issued with slightly different conditions – like for example a lower minimum income will be required and there will be a lower or even no annual fee. On the other hand, the credit limit will be accordingly lower.

Apart from these differences the student credit card works exactly like any other credit card and it will be accepted worldwide and is equally safe.

Why should one have a student credit card?

Only because students might not have a large income, it does not mean that they should not have the possibilities offered by a credit card. In addition, the student credit card comes with special benefits like reward points and discount programs.

What to keep in mind

Using a credit card gives one financial freedom as long as one keeps up to date with one's repayments. This means that one always should keep an overview of one's outgoings to avoid ruining one’s credit rating and possibly ending in financial problems.

How to find the best student credit card

On this page you can have a closer look to what a student credit card can offer you, check the rates, fees and conditions and apply directly online.

Why should I get a student credit card?

If you are a student, managing your finances can be very tricky and something that you should ensure you take seriously. If you have lots of money coming in, usually in one big student loan payment, having a safety net in case you are faced with an unexpected bill is often a good idea. You should however, ensure that you are careful with student credit cards, if you are not able to make the repayments at the end of the month, you face getting in serious debt.

How to compare student credit cards?

Student credit cards are designed for students in full time education who are not earning an income. As a result, you do not always necessarily need a credit history in order to get approval. For this reason, their credit limit is not usually very high so you do not get yourself in deep water. Always check the representative APR when you are looking at the various cards on the market. You should also ensure that you read the small print because you could find that there are fees you might incur as a result of late payments or balance transfers.

Remember, if you are not able to repay the balance on your student credit card in full at the end of each month then it is essential to make the minimum monthly payment. If you do not do this you could find that you damage your credit rating.

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