ANZ Access Advantage with Visa Debit (Transaction Account)
ANZ Access Advantage with Visa Debit gives you all the benefits of Visa, while spending your own money from your own account. Plus you can enjoy the convenience of the worldwide Visa network, which allows you to shop online, overseas and over the phone. See Termsand Conditions.You can even use your card to withdraw money and pay bills.
Location: Australia
Account Name: Transaction Account
1. Because you will be signing up to the worldwide Visa network, you will can make transactions abroad, via the internet and over the phone.
2. For $5 a month you can make unlimited transactions.
3. Access to all ANZ ATMs, ANZ Phone and Internet Banking, Branch, Cheque and EFTPOS.
4. Benefit from ANZ Falcon monitoring which will detect suspicious behaviour.
5. Benefit from Visa's exclusive entertainment deals.
6. You can set up direct debits.
7. No credit history needed!
1. If you withdraw in a foreign currency you will be charged $5 + 3% of value.
2. Dishonour fee $6
3. Overdrawn fee $6
4. You must be Australian (Australian address).
Unlimited access to ANZ ATM and Internet and Phone Services.

Interest AER: 0% ($1-$49,999)Interest Gross: 0% ($1-$49,999)
Interest Paid: DailyMinimum Income: Does not apply.
Overdraft Rate: Apply for details.
Banking Charges: Overdrawn $6
Service Charges: $5 per month
Account Access: Online, Branch, Phone
Withdrawal Access: Anytime

Free Banking: NoDebit Card: Yes
Cheque Guarantee Card: YesStanding Orders: No
Direct Debits: YesOverdraft Facility: No
Account Manager: No

Over 18
An everyday account where what you see is what you get.
Introductions and Offers:
Concessions available, see Terms and Conditions.
Terms and Conditions:
You can apply for us to waive the monthly account service fee on one nominated ANZ Access Advantage account if:
1. You are under 18.
2. You are 60 or over.
3. You are a full-time student at an Australian educational Institution (you will need to apply each year).
4. You receive a disability support pension or mobilityallowance from Centrelink.
5. You have an eligible ANZ Home Loan, ANZ Residential Investment Loan or ANZ Portfolio facility and have your salary paid into your ANZ account.
6. You have a total of $50,000 or more in one or more of the following personal ANZ accounts Access Advantage, Access Select, Passbook Savings, PremierCheque, Premium Cash Management, Progress Saver,

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