Southern Cross Travel Insurance (Travel Insurance)
At Southern Cross Travel Insurance, we know that travelling without travel insurance is a risk. Unexpected illness and accidents can happen to anyone, and when you are travelling overseas medical treatment or hospitalisation can quickly become very expensive. There’s also the risk of flight cancellations, missed connections and lost luggage. With TravelCare you can relax and enjoy your overseas holiday, knowing that you have someone to turn to if things go wrong.
Location: Australia
1. Three plans and two types of cover - To ensure you pay only for the cover you require, we have three plans – New Zealand/South Pacific, World and SuperWorld. And TravelCare is designed to meet your needs with either an Individual or Family policy.
2. Fast, fair claims settlement - We always aim to settle a claim promptly and fairly. You also have the added reassurance of knowing that the team who arranged your policy is the same team that will help you with your claim. To submit your claim go to My SCTI.
3. Southern Cross Worldwide Assistance - All policies come with travel assistance, giving you access to a network of worldwide emergency medical resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Southern cross do not cover:
1. Pre-Existing Conditions
2. Any events relating to Your domestic pets in Australia, or the breakdown or dissolution of any personal or family relationship
3. Any work (including volunteer work) undertaken
4. Participation in (or training for) the following activities:
- Professional Sport or individual and team sport competitions which involve monetary prizes over $500;
- Contact sport;
- Racing of any sort (other than on foot);
- Motor sports;
- Hunting of any sort;
- Pot-holing or caving;
- Rodeo;
- Downhill snow skiing or snow boarding (including competitive downhill snow skiing or snow boarding) which happens outside of designated commercial ski areas, or in areas which have been closed for any reason;
- Hang gliding, paraponting/parapenting, microlight flying or kite surfing;
- Ocean yachting (being 12 nautical miles or 21.6km or more away from land);
- Parachuting (including tandem parachuting), paragliding, parasailing, bungy jumping, whitewater rafting, blackwater rafting or whitewater kayaking unless with a licensed and approved operator;
- Mountaineering or rock climbing necessitating the use of ropes;
- Remote area touring, except as part of a licensed organised tour;
- Underwater activities involving the use of artificial breathing apparatus unless You hold an open water diving certificate or are diving with a qualified instructor.
Travel Insurance for individuals or families travelling

Policy Name: Southern Cross Travel Insurance
Policy Cost: From $29 +stamp duty
Policy Excess: Varies on policy chosen

Cover Type: Individual or Family cover
Cover Level: South Pacific, World and Superworld
Cover Detail:
To ensure you pay only for the cover you require, we have three plans –
1. New Zealand/South Pacific,
2. World and
3. SuperWorld.
And TravelCare is designed to meet your needs with either an Individual or Family policy.

Application Methods: Online
Underwriter: Southern Cross Benefits Limited
Pay Monthly: No

Low cost travel insurance
To be eligible for TravelCare:
1. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident with no visa restrictions and be under the age of 70 at the date this policy is issued.
2. You are not eligible for TravelCare if you do not intend to return to Australia on the completion of Your overseas travel or You are travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment overseas.
3. The TravelCare policy must be purchased before You leave Australia.
4. The maximum length of Journey covered by this policy is 12 months.
You must be either an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident

Destination: Worldwide: All destinations
Duration: Up to 12 months
Personal Liability: Unlimited
Overseas Medical Expenses: Included
Overseas Emergency Assistance: Inlcuded
Cancellation Cover: 14 days
Personal Cover: Available

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